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This is so unbelievably incredible, I cannot express how utterly blown away I am by this. I couldn't stop squealing with excitement and awe while exploring. You did an AMAZING job with this, it's so impressive, and I can tell it was a labor of love. t would be so cool to see all the old games remastered like this, and I would pay out the wazoo to see it! Great job, thank you so much for sharing, this is just SO COOL!!!


I just want to say that I am absolutely mind-blown at how incredible this looks and runs. I would pay money for a full game just like this. Amazing work and I hope to see more in the future! 




this is great! Any chance of uploading the unreal engine files? Could be a basis for a lot of other fan remakes of other games, if you’re interested.


This looks so so good, I even teared up a little. I loved playing ND as a child, revisiting it with your beautiful graphics brought up very sweet memories. Wish you all the best! And secretly hope HER picks you up :-)


this is absolutely gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

This is too good, i wish you will make all of the halways and secret pasegways, it's hard to make something like this. I can only say good job!


This looks amazing! Great job! You've made my inner child immensely happy with this. HeR should hire you to lead the remaster of the other games!


Julia, I just wanted to say that this looks absolutely amazing and you have really outdone yourself in making this. I am so excited to be able to play this and see what you've created. 


Julia this is absolutely incredible. My best friend and I grew up playing these games and to see them revived with modern visuals and gameplay is stunning, I hope you would still like to work on this because I would LOVE to see it as a full-fledged remaster. Amazing work!

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This is incredible. If you have a tip jar or anything else setup, I would gladly give you something because you deserve so much for your clear passion and for giving me the most excitement I've had for Nancy Drew games in years.

Lovely work.

That is amazing work!

Julia , can we talk in private about your remaster?

Sure, shoot me an email at!

This is amazing!